Information 101

#1 On website improvement Today, I updated favicon compatibility for various devices and browsers. is the tool that helped me easily generate favicon similar to Y Combinator (Hacker News). Favicon Generator: #2 On open source world List of trending source code repository across GitHub: Similarly, our soon-to-be IPO / best-open-culture company GitLab… Continue reading Information 101

Hwy 1 / PCH

Today we shall explore pacific coastal highway (also known as highway one) and its correlation with operating system and overall beauty of the NorCal / SoCal region. Some jibber jabbering around roads Route 1 aka California State Route 1 Route 101 aka Highway 101 PCH (pacific coastal highway) is a scenic highway. — Let’s get… Continue reading Hwy 1 / PCH

Academia Feeds

Sources: RSS, Twitter, Mailing List, (B|V)logs, Podcasts Leadership / Entrepreneurship / Business & Poetry – Academia News Feed Harvard Buisness School on Twitter @HarvardBiz Podcasts Blog Newsletters Poetry: Haas School of Business (BerkeleyHaas) @BerkeleyHaas Podcast Blog Stanford Graduate School of Business @StanfordGSB Podcasts Blog Magazine MIT Sloan @MITSloan Podcast Columbia Business @Columbia_Biz Podcast… Continue reading Academia Feeds

Web scraping with Python

What is web scraping? Webscraping involves extracting publicly displayed information from a website. Difficulty of web scraping a website can range from simple requests to solving captchas. Complex cases may require a combination of several libraries however for simple webpages only two libraries are sufficient. The libraries required are requests(the most downloaded Python library) and… Continue reading Web scraping with Python

My Journey with Linux

I don’t know which year will be ‘the year of Linux’ but Linux for sure plays an important role in tech. My first experience with Linux was when I started working with a Raspberry Pi. The OS for the Pi was Raspbian,a Debain derivative. Since Raspbian I have worked with a variety of other Debain… Continue reading My Journey with Linux

Python 101

Is it Python the snake? Well no but its symbol sures is an image of two snakes Is it the beloved Monty Python’s Flying Circus ? This gets a touch closer to the mark and was the inspiration for its name Well I am talking about Python ,the programming language powering the fields of machine… Continue reading Python 101

Webtools 101

This webtools 101 is dedicated to a collection of tools used by frontend website developer slash designer and the curious ones. Subtle Pattern is the website that provides texture background. My favorite is gray: Free vector icons (tons of royalty free content): Similar yet unique collection of icons and symbols inside font:… Continue reading Webtools 101

Java 101

Is this about Java coffee beans? Maybe… not really. Is that you, Oracle? Or is it the ghost of Sun Microsystems? It sure has a coloured history. The beloved of enterprises, powering Android please give a big round of applause for Java. I am beginning a journey to explore this wonderful language and I am… Continue reading Java 101