Information 101

#1 On website improvement

Today, I updated favicon compatibility for various devices and browsers. is the tool that helped me easily generate favicon similar to Y Combinator (Hacker News).

Favicon Generator:

#2 On open source world

List of trending source code repository across GitHub:

Similarly, our soon-to-be IPO / best-open-culture company GitLab has their own way of exploring awesome trending repositories: is one of the awesome list of awesome repositories. One would ask, what is this Kishan? Why are you writing so awesome multiple times? What’s behind it?

In a nutshell, “awesome <anyterm> [github|gitlab]” as a search would result in highly curated list of awesome repositories for given term.

#3 Google DORK but for Twitter (or any other social media for that matter)

Searching ‘<term> “”‘ on twitter results in very interesting tweets of individuals sharing Google Spreadsheet with their followers.

For an instance, searching for ‘opensource “”‘ led me to BellingCat Project on OSINT (which stands for Open Source Intelligence”

#4 On CDN, Security, DNS, and web police.

Cloudflare is interesting company which provides reverse proxy to shield the actual/origin of the server. In return, Cloudflare also provides benefits of caching, selectively enable or disable your website to regions.

Cloudflare also provide low-latency DNS service with (similar to Google’s This was possible by having a partnership with APNIC.

On a flip side, many illicit activity doers also use Cloudflare to protect their origin on the name of privacy and anonymity.

#5 Clubhouse

This startup created a new-kind audio-only group calls. 24/7 Group Phones!

#6 OBS – open source streaming tool

nuff said -_-

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