Exploring the world of DevOps, CI-CD, andContainers on steroids (WIP)

Note: Work in progress!

This blog is about exploring so-called DevOps/Infra: containers (docker/podman), containers on steroids (k8s), and the world of CI and CD.

Abstraction Layers in Computer

Host Computer (bare-metal) > Virtual Machine (VMware / VirtualBox / Vagrant) > Containers (LXC/LXD)

What is Containers and some of their features?

  • Light weight / Encapsulated
  • Abstraction from host application
  • Isolated Network / File System
  • By Default Secure/Restrictive

What is Docker / Podman?

  • Ways to run and manage container application

What is Kubernetes?

  • Containers on steroids.
  • Scaling up / down made easy.

What is K3s, K9s, Lens?

  • K3s is lightweight K8s environment
  • K9s is like HTOP but for Kubernetes (CLI based management)
  • Lens is GUI based IDE for Kubernetes (GUI based management)

What is microk8s, minikube, and kind?

Alternative ways to run kubernetes (similar to k3s).

What is CI/CD and DevOps?

23 CI/CD Tools – journey of quality
Continues Integration / Continues Delivery

Continues integration (Developer)

  • SDEs tend to build CI in small to medium scale companies.
  • (QA: security, UAT, performance tests, ..)

Continues delivery (Operations)

  • (feature releases, pushing to production, release management)
  • DevOps teams and/or Infra teams takes care of CD portion.

Clearing Up Common Misconceptions of CI/CD For Supporting Teams
To make it easier for me to understand at higher level:
Dev = CI / Ops = CD

What are the tools commonly used for CI/CD infra?

Old School: Jenkins

New ways: GitHub Actions, GitLab CI (Both supports container based YAML specs to write rules)

TBH, each phase of CI/CD (DevOps) has tons of tools that one can leverage.

Here is the “shorter” version!

CI / CD Tooling categorized per phases.

Plan phase covers: SCRUM/Kanban/Agile methodologies as well as PI planning, Standups, Stories, Issues/Bugs, SPIKEs, Sprints and what not. But fear not, Atlassian’s Jira helps organize all these!

Build phase contains: version control (git/svn), branches, PR/MR, code review, code diff, and strange but effective world of managing source code!

Shall add more as time permits.

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